Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984) R - 3 Stars

It was fun revisiting the 80's by watching this movie and for that alone it gets three stars.

Smooth talking Charlie (Mickey Rourke) and wheeling-dealing Paulie (Eric Roberts) are two Italian American cousins from Little Italy, in New York. Paulie wants to get away from the neighborhood so bad, he joins the mob and keeps an ear to the ground on where to find his next scam, while skimming off the top of the restaurant he works in. Charlie also yearns to have his own restaurant someday with his a girlfriend Diane (Daryl Hannah). Diane tries hard to keep Charlie on the straight and narrow path now that she has become pregnant.

Paulie gets wind of a deal to good to pass but they choose the wrong guy, Bed Bug Eddie (Burt Young), to mess with. Even their mobster uncle can't help them now.

MGM Distribution
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Writer: Vincent Patrick
Producers: Gene Kirkwood, Howard W. Koch
I viewed 3/08

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