Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Splinter (2006) NR - 2 Stars

This probably could have been a better movie as the story line is believable, just not well executed. Edward James Olmos's son Michael takes on the role of director, and his father has a role too, but it's pretty low budget.

A young gang member Dreamer (Enrique Almeida), takes a bullet in the head while trying to protect his brother in a gang fight. His brother dies and Dreamer starts loosing his memory from the wound. He can't exactly remember the details but sets out to revenge his brothers death. Dreamer's mind tell him his brothers friends are the people he is looking for and he takes them out one at a time.

Magic Lamp Releasing
Directors: Michael D. Olmos
Writers: Enrique Almeida, Michael D. Olmos, Adrian Cruz
Producers: Adrian Cruz, Mark Hall, Steve Machat
I viewed 10/07

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