Sunday, April 27, 2008

Delta Farce (2007) PG13 - 2½ Stars

Larry (Larry the Cable Guy), Bill Little (Bill Engvall)and Everett Shackle (D.J. Qualls) get together to help Larry forget the fact he's just lost his job and his girlfriend. They go out weekend warriors drinking and target practicing and are mistaken for the Army Reservists by a loud talking Sergeant Kilgrove (Keith David).

The next thing they know, they're in a helicopter headed for Fallujah, Iraq. When the weather turns bad, the pilots start lightening their load and eject a Humvee that the men had fell asleep in. The men awaken thinking they are in the desert of Iraq not knowing they've been unloaded in Mexico. The men sort of free a town from the ruthless warlord Carlos Santana (Danny Trejo).

The movie has a few funny scenes if you are into Larry the Cable Guy, you'll probably get more out of it.

Lions Gate Films
Director: C.B. Harding
Writers: Thomas F.X. Sullivan, Bear Aderhold
Producers: Alan C. Blomquist, J.P. Williams
I viewed 9/07

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