Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Luck Chuck (2007) R - 3 Stars

It would seem that everyone Chuck sleeps with, meets the man of their dreams next. Chuck sees a pattern developing when he breaks up with his girlfriend and she immediately finds "the one" and gets engaged.

When Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) was just 10 years old, he plays spin the bottle with a group of friends. He refused to kiss the "Goth" girl (Sasha Pieterse) and she puts a hex on him that he should never find true love.

Now grown and practicing dentistry, Charlie goes from one relationship to the next never actually meeting that special one. Girls start lining up to date Charlie as they know once they go out with him, they will meet the man of their dreams. He has become sort of a good luck charm.

One day he meets Cam (Jessica Alba), an aquatic bird specialist on penguins. Cam is the kind of woman that Charlie has always dreamed about but he is afraid to get close to her for fear of his curse. He seeks out the goth girl from his youth to break her spell so he and Cam can be together.

Lions Gate Films
Director: Mark Helfrich
Writer: Josh Stolberg
Producers: Mike Karz, Barry Katz, Brian Volk-Weiss
I viewed 1/08

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