Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Reaping (2007) R - 3 Stars

Katherine Winter's (Hilary Swank), whole life was with the ministary. But after her husband and daughter are killed in Sudan through a sacraficial event, she stops believing in God. Now, a university professor and theology scholar, she believes more in studying facts rather than beliefs. She has traveled the world investigating all sorts of phenonomin like bleeding palms and weeping statues.

After the town of Haven, Louisiana has been swarmed on by locust and seen their rivers turn blood red, they believe a revisiting of the Biblical ten plagues has been thrust upon them. They also believe that a child Loren McConnell (AnnaSophia Robb) is the work of the devil and most want to destroy the girl in order to bring peace back to the town. However Katherine's tries to save the young "choosen" girl as she can be the one to defeat Satan's work.

Warner Bros Pictures
Director: Stephen Hopkins
Writers: Jacob Aaron Estes, Carey Hayes, Christopher Markus
Producers: Robert Zemeckis, Herbert W. Gains, Susan Levin
I viewed 11/07

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