Wednesday, October 21, 2009

U-Turn (1997) R - 4½ Stars

Here is one of those movies I really got into and liked so much so I gave it 4½ stars where other critics rate it around 2½ stars. I love Sean Penn and Jaylo for actors so maybe I am biased too.

Bobby Cooper (Sean Penn) is not having a good day. After his finger is cut off for not making good on a loan in Las Vegas , he flees the state towards Arizona. Broke and on the run, his car takes a dump in the middle of the desert in Superior Arizona, where he's forced to spend time waiting for parts.
(Jon Voight) plays a homeless blind man in the city who offers Bobby sound advise whether he wants it or not. He also meets a hot Latina woman Grace McKenna (Jennifer Lopez) who offers to keep him company. She takes him home where she sexually seduces him until her husband Jake (Nick Nolte) walks in. Secretly Jake has wanted his wife dead and offers Bobby a large some of money to help him. Along the way Bobby also has to deal with a flirtatious Jenny (Claire Danes) who's trying to get her infamous boyfriend Toby N. Tucker (Joaquin Phoenix) jealous. This is one town where Bobby is wishing he could just U-Turn out of.

TriStar Pictures
Director: Oliver Stone
Writer: John Ridley
Producers: Clayton Townsend, Dan Halsted
I viewed 2/07

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Alan Christensen said...

Just saw "The Soloist" last weekend. Jamie Fox and Robert Downey JR are in it. Thought it had a good message... check it out and see what you think!!