Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (2007) PG - 4 Stars

One day a young couple was visiting Scotland. While stopping in a local pub, they saw a picture of the Loch Ness Monster on the wall. When the girls turned to her boyfriend and asked if it were true, an older chap began to tell this story....

It's 1942 and Angus MacMorrow (Alex Etel) remembers the time he spent with his father. The year before, his father was called off to war and killed and Angus has a hard time coming to grips with his not returning home. He spends hours in his fathers work shop counting down the days for his return.His fear of water does not allow him to enjoy the water like everyone else, instead he collects shells from along the shore. One day he finds an quit and unusual object and brings it home to his fathers shop. It's an egg and out hatches a very unusual creature. Angus must keep this news from his mother Anne MacMorrow (Emily Watson) and his sister Kirstie (Priyanka Xi). Lt. Wormsley (Erroll Shand) and ex war hero, joins the family as their handyman. Angus must finally let Kirstie and Wormsley in on his secret. Wormsley tells him "Crusoe", as Angus names him is a very rare water horse where only one lives at a time.

Meanwhile the families home becomes a post for temporary battle site so the soldiers can stop German submarines from entering the Loch.

While Crusoe has grown to big for Angus, he must let him go into the waters of the Loch. Though saddened, the two share a special bond of friendship and Angus will stop at nothing to protect his new buddy from the harms of war.

Sony Pictures
Directors: Jay W. Russell, Jay W. Russell
Writers: Simon Beaufoy, Terry George, Robert Nelson Jacobs
Producers: Charlie Lyons, Douglas Rae, Barrie M. Osborne
I viewed 4/08

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