Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wild Hogs (2007) PG13 - 3½ Stars

Wild Hogs has some of my favorite actors in it. How can it not be a decent flick to watch. Macy is at his usual best as Dudley and Martin Lawrence just has those facial expressions. The old guys going through their mid life crisis take on the rowdy bikers and come through in the end.

Woody Stevens (John Travolta), Doug Madsen (Tim Allen), (Martin Lawrence), Bobby Davis (Martin Lawrence), and Dudley Frank (William H. Macy) are friends who are getting bored with their routine lives. The 4 decide to take a cross country trip and ride bikes once again like in the old days. They have jackets made and really get pumped up over it. As they ride into a town they meet up with another gang of real bikers, the Del Fuegos. The leader of the gang is not too please with these wanna be's and when the two groups battle it out, the hogs come out on top.

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Director: Walter Becker
Writer: Brad Copeland
Producers: Todd Lieberman, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins
I viewed 8/07

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