Tuesday, May 27, 2008

American Dreamz (2006) PG 13 - 1½ Stars

Now here's a movie that did absolutely nothing for me. Made to look like an American Idol comedy story, I didn't find myself laughing much at all as it just wasn't very funny. Instead, I felt myself dozing off a couple times.

The President of the United States, (Dennis Quaid) is having some sort of mental problem and spends the day in his pajamas. He doesn't conduct much work or get involved in what's going on in the nation. The Chief of Staff (Willem Dafoe) doesn't know what to do anymore to bring him around.

One day President Staton starts reading the newspapers, and finds he can't stop. Reading everything, he can get his hands he's discovering everything that is going on in the world and feels like he's just woken up to become a part of it. Rumors are surfacing that he's ill and suffering a nervous breakdown. His Chief of Staff decides the best way to get the president back in public view is to make him a guest judge on T.V.'s top rated show, American Dreamz.

The show is hosted by Martin Tweed, (Hugh Grant) an arrogant snob, completely bored with his job. Martin wants to add some contrast to the show and enlists his crew to find him an Arab that can perform. Omer (Sam Golzari) is found and now will compete against Sally (Mandy Moore), in the final competition. But there's more to the story when Omar's friends intend to plant a bomb on stage. The final competition is sure to send the ratings through the roof.

Universal Pictures
Director: Paul Weitz
Writer: Paul Weitz
Producers: Paul Weitz, Rodney Liber, Andrew Miano
I viewed 11/07

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Anonymous said...

ok, I will admit it...I am American Idol fan...in that, I found this humerous...but, I did doze off for a little while myself. I would give it 2 stars