Monday, May 12, 2008

The Hard Corps (2006) R - 3 Stars

This movie was so so. Sort of a cheesy story line but an okay watch.

Philip Sauvage (Jean-Claude Van Damme) has been serving in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last three years. He's seen with his own eyes, Al-Qaida use children as bomb shields and he's been through some pretty rough times even taking some time off in the psych ward at a VA Hospital.

Meanwhile, Rap star, Terrell Singletery (Viv Leacock) has been in jail thanks to Wayne Barclay, a former heavy weight boxer, testifying against him. Terrell is being released from jail and Wayne fears for his families safety.

While in a nightclub one night, the loud noise and flashing lights trigger a flashback from the war for Sauvage. When drive-by Uzi-carrying gang bangers try to kill Wayne outside the nightclub, Sauvage is ready as the flashbacks put him in combat mode. When Wayne and his sister Tamara (Vivica A. Fox), see how trained Sauvage is to react, they hire him to become their bodyguard.

Sauvage sets up a team of fighters and former soldiers, "The Hard Corps" to protect the Barclay's but complications arise when Wayne begins to suspect that Tamara is falling for him.

Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group
Director: Sheldon Lettich
Writers: Sheldon Lettich, George Saunders
Producers: David Bixler, Brad Krevoy, Vicki Sotheran
I viewed 10/06

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