Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Numb (2007) R - 3 Stars

This poor guy stays indoors and watches the golf channel all day and tons of long movies and pretty much goes through life in a automatic mode dream like state all day. He really can't function well outside and pretty much miserable. The movie is told in part by Hudson's narration, a bit on the boring side but had a few funny parts.

Hudson Milbank (Matthew Perry) is a screenwriter but you'd never know it lately. Hudson's just not comfortable in his own skin and he feels detached from everything. His dad still calls him Sport and is his hero and he fears that even fears that thinking about his dad's death will bring it on and he detests his mother who sent him packing as a child. He shoplifts pens just for fun, in order to get his adrenalin up and luckily he still has his childhood friend /partner Tom (Kevin Pollock). The two have gotten some writing gigs lately but Tom's been the writer and Hudson just there to clinch the deal with a lot of B.S..

One night Hudson is smoking some weed with friends just trying to feel something. He puffs and puffs and puffs so many hits in a short period of time and feels like something changed inside his head making his he's really got something wrong inside of him so he seeks medical attention. With no physical signs of damage, the doc suggests a psychiatrist. The first doctor gives him a variety of medications to help him become numb-er and labels him with acute depersonalization disorder. With his new label, he's at least thinks he's got a better grip on his ailment.

When he runs into Sarah (Lynn Collins), at a meeting, she boldly asks him out and he excepts. She uses the F word in just a way he has replayed over and over in his head, he's very attracted to her. Now he'll do just about anything to win her over and seeks more medical attention and different pills but he's starting to really feel something for Sarah. Together maybe they can save each other. Sometimes you have to just pull up your socks and get out of your own way.

Image Entertainment
Director: Harris Goldberg
Writer: Harris Goldberg
Producer: Kirk Shaw
I viewed 5/08

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