Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mama's Boy (2007) PG13 - 3 Stars

I was hoping this was going to be a whole lot funnier than it was. Diane Keaton is so great and lately I've just been seeing her in this weak comic type movies. At least this one was better than "I Told You So", barely. I'm sure there are plenty of these mamas boy around as I've met too many of them. Men living with their mothers till way into their 30's because they can get away with it and lack skills needed to get out there on their own.

Jeffrey Mannus (Jon Heder) is a 29 year old mama's boy who's never left the nest. His mother Jan, (Diane Keaton) has allowed her son's behavior to control her life since his father died many years ago. She has not been getting out in the social scene as her demanding drama queen at home, wants to control her every move.

When Mert Rosenbloom (Jeff Daniels), a motivational speaker, meets Jan, he falls head over heels over her. Though she is leery to become involved, due to what her Jeffrey might think, she is also finding she needs to have a life outside of that with her son. But trying to hide this affair is not easy, when eventually Mert wants to move in.

Jeffrey is relocated to the basement so the couple can have some privacy but now it's a full on war between Mert and Jeffrey to see who is going to get mom's attention. Jeffrey even goes as far as enlisting the help of Nora Flannigan (Anna Faris), to drive him to Arizona to dig up more dirt on Mert. Nora has actually started to fall for Jeffrey but he's too busy trying to break up his mom and Mert to notice a new life standing right in front of him. But now that Jeffrey has alienated everyone around him, when he is arrested for relieving himself in a public sink, his only friend left Seymour Warburton (Eli Wallach), bails him out and gets Jeffrey to realise what he must do next in life.

Warner Bros Pictures
Director: Tim Hamilton
Writer: Hank Nelken
Producer: Heidi Santelli
I viewed 6/08

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