Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chapter 27 (2006) R - 2 Stars

Well I guess I am glad I watched the other "I Shot John Lennon" movie first. This movie was a weak attempt to show the mind of Mark David Chapman. Though it's filmed in a similar pattern time line, it provides no information of his life in Hawaii with his mother and his wife, it provides no great obsession as to why he did it and his connection to "The Catcher and the Rye" and it's like someone watched the other movie first and just made a very condensed version. I was thinking the other movie was too long but at least it explained the reasoning behind Chapman's actions.

Another documentary to show some sort of understanding on why Mark David Chapman would fly twice from Hawaii to New York City all for the mission of killing John Lennon, whom he really did like the music of. (Jared Leto) stars as Mark David Chapman and Jude is played by (Lindsay Lohan). This movie focused better on his meeting and lunch with Jude and the photographer Paul but if you have your choice of watching the other, I think it explains the story better.

Vitagraph Films
Directors: J.P. Schaefer, Jarrett Schaeffer
Writers: Jarrett Schaeffer, J.P. Schaefer
Producers: Naomi Despres, Robert Salerno, Alexandra Milchan
I viewed 7/08

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