Saturday, July 12, 2008

Divine Trash (1998) NR - 3 Stars

Wow, me a movie lover and I felt pretty naive after seeing this documentary as why I had not heard of John Waters before. Pink Flamingos doesn't show up at Blockbuster, so I will be on the hunt for a copy.

The documentary focuses on his early career of bad taste cult film making. He's famous in the underground midnight movie world for his shock value and pushing the envelope as far as he could. A pencil thin mustache adorned his top lip giving him a distinctive unique look.

From Baltimore, Maryland in 1972, Waters released the most important underground film ever made, Pink Flamingos. Waters managed to sell out almost all of his shows just by advertising his movies by word of mouth alone. As a child, Waters was obsessed with car crashes, storybook villains, and puppets and frequently ran many puppy shows at $25.00 a show. Not bad for a 10 year old. And when his parents asked therapists if it was normal for him to crash any new car or truck toy he was given, there merely replied, "if it makes him happy, let him."

The film interviews directors that inspired Waters and also those Waters has inspired with his films. Roman Candles, Mondo Trasho and Multiple Maniacs drove film censors like Mary Avara, crazy with what see called complete trash. When "Divine" (born Harris Glenn Milstea), stared in Pink Flamingos, she was involved in the infamous doggy-doo scene which Waters says is the first and last time it will ever be done. And there was no law against it. It also features other odd characters like the "egg lady", "talking asshole" and "mink stole" as well as his pretty straight and narrow parents. It was his father that loaned him the money to make Pink Flamingo, which neither parent ever want to see. His dad was also shocked that within a year, their son paid them back every dime.

1998 - Divine Trash - Sundance Film Festival - Filmmakers Trophy: Documentary.

Divine Trash Productions
Director: Steve Yeager
Writers: Kevin Heffernan, Steve Yeager
Producers: Cindy Miller, Steve Yeager
I viewed 7/08

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