Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For All Mankind (1989) NR - 4½ Stars

WOW What a cool documentary. Yeah I know, a lot of you think we never made it to the moon. But for me, I remember vividly sitting there glued to the television set watching the moon landing and taping the whole broadcast with my tape cassette recorder. It was like, the entire nation and the world, stopped and watched every movement of the broadcast. Sort of like we used to when the first space shuttle went up. Now the are launched and half the nation or more could care a less or doesn't even know about it unless there is a tragedy. I'll tell ya, I would MUCH prefer to spend my tax dollars exploring other worlds and space then the waste it as we do here now with war. The documentary compiles actual footage taken from NASA's nine missions to the moon. I'm just printing up some of the review from Clarke Fountain as it sums up a little more about the film I wouldn't have known about. I'll volunteer on any mission they need a guinea pig. You can't get much higher than that!

"The footage was blown up to 35mm without a loss of visual quality. Many parts are narrated by the actual voices and words of the astronauts themselves. One reviewer called this "the most expensive film ever made," referring to the many billions of dollars that went into the moon landing program. This footage was extensively mined by Ron Howard for his (Apollo 13, so it may seem familiar. For All Mankind features a score by experimental rock composer Brian Eno." Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide.

1988 - For All Mankind - Sundance Film Festival - Grand Prize: Documentary.

Apollo Associates - FAM Productions
Director: Al Reinert
Producer: Betsy Broyles Breoer
I viewed 7/08

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