Friday, July 3, 2009

"O" (2000) R - 4 Stars

When I rented this movie it was sort of an after thought as I had a free coupon for a rental but it had to be non - new release. Okay "O" sounded like something interesting and without my glasses on, its hard for me to read the box anyway. It's how I have been renting a lot of movies lately. See if I like the cover and put it in DVD player without even knowing what to expect. WOW, the movie was great, extremely intense, and well worth my free coupon. Makes up for all those poopy films I've paid for. I love a good screw with your mind type movie, and this one more than satisfied my need.

Odin James (Mekhi Phifer) is the star basketball player and the only black student at Palmetto Grove private school in the south. He has everything going for him including scouts visiting the games to watch him play, and he is dating one of the prettiest girls on campus, Desi Brable (Julia Stiles), who just so happens to be the daughter of the dean (John Heard). For 4 months, Desi has been keeping her relationship from her dad a secret. She knows once he finds out, he will be angry and not approve of her dating a black man.

Hugo (Josh Hartnett) is on the basketball team, and happens to be the son of the basketball coach, Duke Goulding (Martin Sheen). Duke seems to be more in love with his star player Odin, than he does with his own son. The more Hugo sees his father making over Odin, the more jealous and enraged he becomes.

Hugo comes up with a plan to capture his revenge, while driving Odin insane. It starts out with leaking info to the dean about his daughter, Desi. He then enlists the help of Roger (Elden Henson), his roommate. Roger is the outcast and wants to fit in so badly, he is willing to do just about anything. At a party off campus one night, Hugo involves Roger in a fight with Michael (Andrew Keegan), another player in the team. His goal is to have Desi witness the argument and see how everyone take special notices of the way Michael handles the situation. Michael comes out smelling like a rose and Desi takes notice and the two start talking. Hugo then implants the seed into Odin's mind that he thinks Michael and Desi are now seeing each other and sleeping together. And as with the power of suggestion, Odin's relationship with Desi starts falling apart and anger engulfs him instead. Hugo has one last plan for Odin that is going to cost everyone a very high price.

Lions Gate Films
Director: Tim Blake Nelson
Writer: Brad Kaaya
I viewed 7/08

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