Friday, July 25, 2008

Poster Boy (2006) R - 3 Stars

Pretty decent movie about controversy, politics and family crisis one U.S. senator, in his race for the White House. I think the movie had a strong potential of being a great movie as the acting is fairly strong but the story line jumps all over the place, hard to follow and just got botched up in production with only the latter part of the movie, producing any quality results. Still, it's a decent rental if all the good ones are checked out.

Jack Kray (Michael Lerner) is a U.S. senator married to Eunice (Karen Allen). who's coming up re-election is a very close race. His right winged positions have earned him the nickname "the Nazi from North Carolina." His advisers recommend he pull his entire family, especially his son, into the campaign to give himself that added personal touch towards a younger audience. Problem is, his son Henry (Matt Newton) is not what is known as a poster child and not a willing participant as he's against most of his fathers values.

Actually Henry is somewhat of a slut who's college life and homosexuality is a bit of an open secret. Anthony (Jack Noseworthy), is one such guy on campus looking for a good time who hooks up with Henry in a wild night of sex, on the floor of the gymnasium on campus. Anthony has no idea who Henry is and that his father is a U.S. senator and when he finds out, he thinks he can use the information of his sexual presence against him. As the two spend more time together, Anthony finds himself falling deeper for Henry and now he must decide if he can use someone he cares for, to his own personal political agenda.

Regent Releasing
Directors: Douglas Keeve, Zak Tucker
Writers: Lecia Rosenthal, Trevor Ristow, Ryan Shiraki
Producers: Stanley Buchtal, Jeff Campagna, Dolly Hall
I viewed 11/07

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