Friday, October 24, 2008

Testosterone (2003) NR - 3 Stars

In Spanish with English subtitles, Testosterone is a love story, comedy and thriller all wrapped into one. I liked the twist at the end that I wasn't expecting and the role of Pablo's bitchy mother was chosen well. When one man leaves his lover without even a goodbye, the other man will travel great lengths to find out why. And for those who they say hell hath no furry as a woman scorned, they haven't met Dean.

Dean (David Sutcliffe) and Pablo (Antonio Sabato Jr.) are two men love and at least for Dean leaving the happy life as a couple. Dean is a a comic book artist living in Los Angeles with his lover. When he wakes up one morning to find Pablo gone with out a trace, or a goodbye, and to solve his serious depression and writer's block, Dean decides to travel to Argentina to find his ex-lover Pablo and in order to put closure on their relationship. Dean finds the wealthy home of Pablo's mother (Sonia Braga) but she threatens to have him arrested if he returns to the property. Sofia (Celina Font) works across the street from the home and along with her brother try to help Dean trying to find Pablo. But these two have their own agenda in finding Pablo and Dean comes out of it with a best selling comic book of his adventures.

Strand Releasing
Director: David Moreton
Writers: Dennis Hensley, David Moreton
Producers: David Moreton, Kathryn Riccio
I viewed 9/08

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