Monday, October 20, 2008

The Usual Suspects (1995) R - 3½ Stars

The coolest part to this movie is you think you have it solved in your head and then it takes a turn you don't expect for the ending. I love Kevin Spacey in everything he does and this movie is no exceptions. But pay attention as there is a lot going on where listening to dialogue is important and the movie jumps back and forth in time so what you see is not always what you get.

Roger "Verbal" Kint (Kevin Spacey), suffers from cerebral palsy yet he is an accomplished con man. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" is one of Roger's lines that helps pull off a huge pay load as he practices what he preaches. When there is a major hijacking of gun parts in New York, 5 usual suspects are taken into custody for the night to see what the know. While gathered together the group plots to rob some jewelry and after it goes well, they travel to Los Angeles and get involved in a 91 million dollar cocaine heist.

Police detective Dave Kujan (Chazz Palminteri) bring Roger, a one time cop gone bad, Kint McManus (Stephen Baldwin), Hockney (Kevin Pollak), and Fenster (Benicio Del Toro) in for questioning knowing that Roger "Verbal" can't keep his mouth shut. In recounting the story, the men were able to pull off a jewelry heist and while trying to unload the goods, they run into Kobayashi (Pete Postlethwaite), who works for criminal mastermind Keyser Soze. Soze's violent reputation is so infamous that the men feel they have no choice but to go along.

Tons of awards including:
1995 - Usual Suspects - Academy - Best Supporting Actor
1995 - Usual Suspects - Academy - Best Original Screenplay

Blue Parrot Productions
Director: Bryan Singer
Writer: Christopher McQuarrie
Producers: Bryan Singer, Michael McDonnell
I viewed 9/08


Anonymous said...

only 3½ fuckin' Stars?

Zola's Movie Pic's said...

Okay I just watched it again with my boyfriend and I got more out of it this time as I was paying really close attention. I'm making it a solid 4 stars now.