Tuesday, November 18, 2008

20 Years After (2008) R - 3 Stars

I think this movie, aka "Like Moles, Like Rats" is styled after the same theory as "Children of Men." Mankind's existence is threatened after plague and war. Even though a lot of the acting is pretty weak, I did love the Doctor of the Soul, Samuel. For a small budget film, it's a decent rental at 3 stars.

Basically this Post-Apocalyptic film takes place after World War III erupted, with the fallen out of bombs, and the plagues that ran their course, not many have survived. Those who have, are living underground like moles and rats, or sealed up in a basements. Everyone is in it for their own gain and it's hard to know who to trust. Food consists of insects, water is scarce and wondering to far outside could get you killed. But hope lies ahead for the future when one pregnant girl is about to give life to a new generation.

Sarah (Azura Skye), and her mother Margaret (Diane Salinger), are held up in a basement as Sarah is almost ready to give birth. No child has been born in 15 years and Sarah is about to make history. But it's not safe to go to far away from your shelter, so the two have made the best of it where they are. Sarah clings to her radio listening to the voice of Michael (Joshua Leonard) who broadcasting from another area, and brings new hope from the outside world. Samuel (Reg E. Cathey), comes up from the very sub basement beneath them, where he's been living. This doctor of the soul, has a way to take the viewer back to see themselves before the war.

Samuel encourages the women to leave the home and head towards a larger colony in a cave. Michael from the radio has also made his way to the cave and everyone finds comfort in each other. That is until David (Nathan Baesel) Margaret's son and Sarah's brother, whom they have not seen in 20 years, is working on the side of evil to take Sarah's baby away. Will the good of family win out over the greed of evil?

Kooroc Films, LLC.
Director: Jim Torres
Writers: Ron Harris, Jim Torres
Producer: Derek Thornton
I viewed 11/08

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