Friday, November 21, 2008

Schultze Gets the Blues (2003) PG - 2½ Stars

In German with English subtitles, this is a cute little movie about Schultze, a large simple salt mine worker with the love of music. However, I didn't feel the connection with the movie as much as I am sure the director wanted me to. This is one of those movies where I am sure if I understood German, I would have absorbed more from the movie.

Schultze (Horst Krause) has lived and worked his entire life in a salt mine in the former East German state of Saxon-Anhalt. To get to work he rides a old bike and being a larger man, he stands out doing so. Schultze lives a simple life drinking beer with his co workers Jurgen (Harald Warmbrunn), and Manfred Karl (Fred Mueller). They fish together at the local pier and together, they are laid off at the mine. Talk about the blues, Schultze can not find anything in life that brings him pleasure anymore.

When Schultz is going through the radio stations one day, Schultz gets a taste of zydeco music and he is instantly hooked. Just as quickly, Schultz is determined to see the where the roots of this music comes from and plans a trip to America to unleash his new calling.

2003 - Schultze Gets the Blues - Venice International Film Festival - Countercurrent - Special Prize for Directing

Paramount Vantage
Director: Michael Schorr
Writer: Michael Schorr
Producers: Jens Korner, Oliver Niemeier, Thomas Riedel
I viewed 11/08

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