Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Good Life (2006) R - 3 Stars

Written partially about the director / writer's experiences in real life, the movie really makes you think of the sadness and loneliness some people try to cover up. It's not the most exciting movie but it sends out a loud message of friendship, betrayal, innocence, love and compassion. I'm not sure I totally get the ending though.

Taking place in the late 1970's, in a small town in Lincoln, Nebraska where football is the king, Jason Prayer (Mark Webber), is a quirky teenage boy, born with an affliction of loosing his hair. He wears a hat and covers his head a lot so people won't notice or stare. His father committed suicide and leaving Jason with the responsibility of taking care of his mother (Deborah Rush). Having not been close with his father, he is afraid to open a package that is given to him after his father's death. Jason works at the local gas station and gets harassed a lot by the local jocks due to his condition.

Gus (Harry Dean Stanton) runs the local movie house, that only shows old movies, as he feels they are the best. But his mind isn't what it once was with the onset of Alzheimer's disease he needs Jason to help him out setting up reels and reminding him to make the popcorn.

Frances (Zooey Deschanel) befriends Jason after the local bad boy football jock Tad (Chris Klein), takes a beating to his face. She's sees more into Jason for who he is, not how he looks but doesn't tell the whole truth while she claims Judy Garland's lines as her own. Though everyone seems alone in their own misery, they find temporary comfort in each other.

TGL Productions LLC, Image Entertainment
Directors: Steve Berra
Writers: Steve Berra
Producers: Patrick Markey, Lance Sloane, Devin Sloane, Bill Paxton, Phyllis Laing
I viewed 12/08

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