Monday, April 19, 2010

Seducing Doctor Lewis (2002) NR - 3½ Stars

This movie reminded me of "Walking Ned Devine," though not as comically clever, it still cozily invites the viewer into the tiny fishing island of St. Marie-La-Mauderne, and genuinely embraces the people who live there. I love these type of quaint average Joe, feel good movies that you probably didn't even know exist.

St. Marie-La-Mauderne used to be a thriving fishing village where the men were gone for several days fishing, to return with their bountiful catch and eagerly awaiting wives ready to reward their hard work husbands with sexual pleasures. But that was the old days and now with the economy failed and the fishery gone, the last 8 years has seen the town's people waiting in line, for their welfare checks to support them. The only way for this run down town to get back their pride and spirit, is to get a manufacturing plant back where the people can work. But in order to get a factory to move to their island, they must have a doctor living there to take care of the working people. The mayor Germain Lesage (Raymond Bouchard), is convinced it's what the town must do and sets out to find a way to lure one in.

Hundreds of mailers are sent to the doctors of Quebec, all to be rejected until one young Dr Christopher Lewis (David Boutin), finds himself in an unfortunate incident with a traffic cop and the next thing he knows on his way to St. Marie. But now the town must find a way to convince him to want to live there. They start by tapping his phone to discover things about him so they can make sure he loves the island. For example, his love for the game of Cricket and the taste of Beef Stroganoff are things the towns people have to make happen.

As the town masquerade's as a competent Cricket team, though they no idea how the game is played, they must convince Dr. Lewis, St. Marie is where he wants to be. They even leave money along his path to find in order for the good doctor to think the island is lucky for him. But, they must watch what they say in order to not get caught with their true intentions revealed.

2003 - Seducing Doctor Lewis - Genie Awards - Best Cinematography

Max Films
Director: Jean-François Pouliot
Writer: Ken Scott
Producers: Roger Frappier, Luc Vandal
I viewed 12/08

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