Sunday, February 1, 2009

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia (2009) R - 3½ Stars

Though the movie did not get great reviews, I liked it a lot. When you think of the Navy Seals, you think of the guys able to pull off seemingly impossible missions. This movie puts them to their test as they must save one of their own behind enemy lines, while also saving their good name. The action is good, the story line somewhat predictable, but the stars give believable performances while they're easy on the eye to look at.

Columbia's government has a long on going battle with it's insurgent guerrillas and when the US Navy SEALS get wind of activity growing in the area, they send in some of their finest on a secret mission to observe. Kevin Derricks (Channon Roe), Steve Gaines (Chris J. Johnson), Greg Armstrong, (Antony Matos), and (Geoffrey M. Reeves) are sent to observe and record the meeting. However, as the meeting is showing some progress, a new Colombian special force task attacks the meeting, killing leaders from both sides, the SEALS are accused and abandoned by their government. It's now up to them to survive behind enemy lines, while clearing their name.

WWE Films, Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Tim Matheson
Writer: Tobias Iaconis
Producer: Jeff Freilich
I viewed 1/09

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