Saturday, March 14, 2009

Deep Winter (2008) PG13 - 3 Stars

The scenery is just awesome in this movie and I have to bow down to these skiers and snowboarders, as they are out of their minds. At the same time, I can't imagine the great high they must get, doing what they do. Unfortunately, that is about all the movie really has going for it.

Tyler Crowe (Eric Lively) is a maverick downhill skier who's just been thrown off the ski team because his coach Dando (Robert Carradine), doesn't think his heads into it. Tyler himself, feels the need to find something that's been lacking in himself. He returns to his home town and old childhood friend, Mark Rider (Kellan Lutz), a thrill seeking fearless snowboarder. Tyler's also notices Mark's younger sister Elisa (Peyton List), has certainly grown. Mark's getting ready to do something radical, snowboarding down a traitorous mountain face in Alaska. He's been signed by a film crew to film his daredevil run and he's eager to get Tyler in on the gig. Tyler's look for the next big adventure in his life so agrees and they head off to Alaska. But not before Elisa sneaks away to be with Tyler. As the quilt begins to show, film maker Stephen Weaks (Luke Goss) and hired guide Dean (Michael Madsen) between weather conditions and timing as the snow behaves different in Alaska and in these types of conditions could send a mountainside of snow crashing down, devouring anything in it's path.

Gigantic Pictures (III)
Director: Mikey Hilb
Writer: John Protass
Producer: Glenn Zoller
I viewed 3/09

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