Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bolt (2008) PG - 4 Stars

OMG, what a great animation move from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. The characters really come to life and Rhino the hamster in his ball, is just so cool. Mittens reminds me of my black cat and Bolt, the wonder dog, is absolutely lovable. Really fun movie for the entire family.

Penny (voice - Miley Cyrus), and her super dog Bolt (voice - John Travolta), co-star in an action packed series for the studios in Hollywood. Bolt is the wonder dog who always manages to save Penny from harm, just in the nick of time. He truly believes he's a super hero with super powers and his duty in life is to protect his master. When he accidentally gets packed up and shipped off to New York city, he thinks he can easily use his super powers to get back. Alone and on his own he meets up with a group of pigeons who are being manipulated by an alley cat named Mittens (voice - Susie Essman). Mittens seems to know all about Bolt and where he comes from and against her wishes, she's whisked away to help Bolt find Penny. Along the way they run into a over zealous hamster named Rhino (voice - Mark Walton), and his exercise ball. Rhino is a super duper television fan and has seen all of Bolt's movies. He is well aware of Bolt's heroic deeds and wants to join forces to help battle crime and evil. Together, the three will have the adventure of a life time, as the travel cross country to return to Hollywood.

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Directors: Chris Williams, Byron Howard, Chris Sanders
Writers: Chris Williams, Jared Stern, Byron Howard
Producer: Clark Spencer
I viewed 4/09

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