Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've Loved You So Long... (2007) PG13 - 3½ Stars

If you can handle sub titles, this is a great little drama with outstanding strong performances, by Kristin Scott Thomas and Elsa Zylberstein. Juliette (Thomas), has spent 15 years in prison for the murder of her son. You really feel her emptiness as she comes to grip with what she's done. Lea (Zylberstein), is the loving forgivable sister, almost naive to understanding the reality of what Juliette's done.

Juliette Fontaine (Kristin Scott Thomas), has been estranged from her family since the night of the murder. Her sister Lea (Elsa Zylberstein), hardly remembers her older sister, only the fact that their mother, now in a home, has never forgiven her. It's been 15 long years and Juliette has lived with the painful reminder of that horrible night. Now, free and no where to go, Lea invites her to move in until she gets settled and finds a job. Luc (Serge Hazanavicius), Lea's husband, keeps his guard up towards Juliette, as they have two small children in the family. With everyone walking on pins and needles, Juliette must cut deep into her soul, to share tragic details that have haunting her alive.

2008 - I've Loved You So Long... - Women Film Critics Circle - Best Foreign Film

Sony Pictures Classics
Director: Philippe Claudel
Writer: Philippe Claudel
Producer: Yves Marmion
I viewed 4/09

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