Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maxed Out (2005) - 3 Stars

A pretty decent documentary that really puts the monetary crisis of today, right up in your face. Focusing on the credit card companies and their target audience of American consumers, who really can't afford it. Their latest targets are college students, knowing they are ripe for the temptation of buying without thinking about paying, until the bill comes in. Most on limited incomes, the card companies are hoping it will be many years, till they are out of debt.

When you are only paying the minimum on your charge cards, you will never get free and back into the black. And the big companies supplying you the credit just LOVE and are looking for people like you. The documentary also focuses on those unfortunate few who have found it easier to take their own lives, then to pay off their bills. While we are bailing out the bank and card companies, who's bailing out us?

Magnolia Pictures, Truly Indie
Director: James D. Scurlock
Writer: James D. Scurlock
Producer: James D. Scurlock
I viewed 4/09

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