Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Theory of Everything (2005) - 1½ Stars

This is not my type of movie as my spirituality comes from a different direction than a biblical source but a true Christian, might enjoy the story. David De Vos, wrote, directs, and also stars in this little tale of faith. Trying to wear all those hats probably causes the film to suffer in conveying it's message. What I took away from it was you can have a pragmatic way of trying to find a closer connection to God, or the powers that be over the universe, or you can stop over analyzing it, open your eyes and look right in front of you.

Dr. Eugene Holland (Victor Lundin), is a brilliant physicist, who's mind is starting to leave him suffering from the degenerative brain disease (CJD). Before he looses his ability to reason and think, he is in a mad dash to complete his formula on his "Theory of Everything," proving the existence of God.

Doug Holloway (David De Vos), who seems to be on his own quest to find God after his life seems to be falling apart. With his marriage failing, he feels the need to seek out his own biological father. Both men, with their different missions, will meet up and show each other that God can exist in places you are not looking.

Blue Yonder Pictures
Director: David De Vos
Writer: David De Vos
I viewed 6/09

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