Friday, July 24, 2009

County General (2005) NR - 1½ Stars

Well here is another one of Maverick Entertainment's attempt at a movie. I swear, it should be a huge warning to me when I see that name on the outside of the box. But, once again in a moment of insanity, I inserted yet another one of their finest flops into my DVD. I love the way the box explains it. "The food is bad, The doctors are worse, and the nurses are really really naughty." Well the movie is bad, the writing is worse and other than the one nurse showing off her boobs and sleeping with any and everyone, it's not that naughty either.

The movie stars Jean Claude LaMarre, Robin Thede, Samuel "Caffeine" Monroe, John Jean, Kirtsine Bernard and Tine "Zeus" Lister. Basically, Craig (Jean Claude LaMarre), is a film student who is about to fail his final class exam unless he can come up with a very cool documentary on something. His last attempt at a film was a remake of "Titanic" filmed in his friends swimming pool. Craig's girlfriend Simone works at County General Hospital and Craig decides to shot a short film about the people who work there and the clients the see. However, Craig gets a bit too much information on tape and now everyone wants to foil the plans of his shot. No photos available.

Maverick Entertainment Group, Inc.
Director: Sphear Collins
Producers: Lila Aviv, Ken Halsband
Writers: Jean Claude Lamarre, Skryb Brown, Sphear Collins
I viewed 7/09

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