Friday, September 11, 2009

Zola's Intermission Take 17 - Where Did Our Patriotism Go?

Sorry, I have been away on a mini vacation and not able to post any new movie reviews, but never fear, I have a list of at least 400 more I have viewed but yet found the time to post. Stay tuned for new reviews coming soon.

I wanted to take a moment, to recognize today - September 11, 2009, America's 8 year anniversary of the horrible tragic act of terrorism that struck our great nation.

Eight years later, it seems we have gotten all too comfortable again and forgotten the patriotism the entire nation had in those days that followed. To me, it appears we've gone back to the daily rat races of our lives instead of realizing what's important in them. On September 11, 2001, we all united together to call ourselves Americans, cars proudly displayed the American flag and kind words were spoken to our neighbors and passersby. Now, eight years later, it would seem we are back to separating ourselves again, calling our American citizenship but other names. Africa American, Asian American, Mexican American, Armenian Americans, Italian Americans, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, etc. We've become separated again causing hatred and prejudices. Will it take yet another tragedy to bring us back together as a nation. If nothing else, for at least today, find the patience in your fellow mankind for a kind word and most importantly, tell somebody you care for that you love them before you do not have the chance to.

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