Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eden Lake (2008) R - 3½ Stars

Now here's a fairly decent scary movie. It has the same theme along "Last House on the Left," but instead of violently and sexually abusing young teen girls, this one at least picked on someone their own size. The acting is never award winning in most of these type movies, but I liked the fact it used little known actors which made the story more believable. A young couple in love looking for a little privacy on their vacation, encounter a pack of thugs who terrorise their private time together.

Nursery teacher Jenny (Kelly Reilly), and her boyfriend Steve (Michael Fassbender), are staying at Eden Lake to get away from it all on a romantic weekend getaway. Steve wants everything perfect as he is planning on proposing to Jenny this weekend. Instead, their quite romantic lake front setting is interrupted by a group of obnoxious teens along with their threatening dog. The group of teens are playing their music too loud and making comments about the couple, provoking Steve to intervene. But this disrespecting mob, steals the couples car leaving them stranded in the woods. But when Steve accidentally kills the gangs favorite dog, the couple find themselves fighting for their lives as Steve is taken hostage while Jenny flees into the woods for help. Little does she know, she has landed at the home of the parents of the boys.

Celador Films, Third Rail Releasing
Director: James Watkins
Writer: James Watkins
Producers: Christian Colson, Richard Holmes
I viewed 12/09

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