Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Pilot's Wife (2002) PG13 - 3 Stars

Based on the book by Anita Shreve, thing I liked about this movie is it's about real life people. It doesn't need special effects to tell the tale of a wife learning her husband has been living a double secret life. Unfortunately it slows down to a crawl in many places but the story line has enough to hold your attention.

When a wife's husband dies in an airplane crash, questions are raised as to whether it was an accident or a suicide. Now, not only does the wife have to deal with the pain of loosing her husband but now she must also doubt everything they shared together as to whether it was the truth or a lie. She will fly to Ireland to put the pieces together for herself.

Kathryn Lyons (Christine Lahti), thought she was living the perfect life with her commerical pilot husband, Jack (John Heard). But when the 747 he is flying explodes in the middle of it's flight, a crew of government investagators swarm Kathryn house, drilling her with questions of her terriorist husband. The infamous "black box" is recovered and seems to point to her husband and co-pilot Robert (Campbell Scott), creating a terrorist act. She learns along the way that nothing in her marriage was as it seemed to be.

Lionsgate Film
Director: Robert Markowitz
Writers: Christine Berardo
Producers: Judy Cairo, Christopher Zimmer
I viewed 11/09


-SPW said...

I have never actually seen this movie! I want to though,
espcially since I blog as a pilots wife! lol
Thanks for the review!!!!
Love your blog by the way!

Zola's Movie Pic's said...

Thank you. It's worth the watch!!