Tuesday, February 2, 2010

9 (2009) PG13 - 3½ Stars

You always knows when you're watching a Tim Burton production because of the outstanding animation, and 9 is no exception. Burton creates unusual animated characters but then that's one of the ways you know it's his film. Even though the characters Burton creates are a bit abnormal looking to to think they hold the answers of saving the planet, Burton manages to pump enough life into them that has you cheering for these tiny sewn rag dolls to become victorious over the evil machines. I especially like the fact one of the bravest of them all is a girl.

It's the future where machinery has started to take over many tasks of mankind. One scientist inventor has come up with the Great Machine, created with human compassion and reactions. He has literally poured his soul into creating this new wonder, but the machine takes up a mind of it's own, and turns on mankind, decimating the human population before being shut down. But before the inventor could be destroyed himself, he grabs what ever materials he has in his shop and creates and literally pumps life into a group of small creations he hopes can exist in this post-apocalypse world.

One courageous rag doll named 9 (Elijah Wood), refuses to except the fate that he and the others are banished to surviving by hiding as 1(Christopher Plummer), who's been in charge, alleges. Along with the others, 2(Martin Landau), 5(John C. Reilly), 6(Crispin Glover), 7(Jennifer Connelly), 9 will use the powers sewn into him to prove capable of salvaging what still remains of the world. Together with this pack of stitched hopes, he will lay the groundwork for a hopeful future.

Focus Features
Director: Shane Acker
Writer: Pamela Pettler
Producers: Timur Bekmambetov, Tim Burton, Jim Lemley
I viewed 1/10

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