Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crashing (2007) NR - 2½ Stars

The coming attractions looked good for this movie and the erotic concept drew me in however, unfortunately it fizzles out. I do enjoy when a creative writer is colorfully narrating the movie as the characters play it out and that's what probably kept me drawn at first. After all, his ideal fantasy to be with two young college students, is about to take place and how could that not be verbalized erotically. Yawn!

The story starts to take shape when the young writers, Kristin (Izabella Miko), and Jacqueline (Lizzy Caplan), ask one of their writing idols to stay on their couch after his wife just locked him out. They learn what it takes from this master writer Richard McMurray (Campbell Scott), who helps bring all of their fantasies to life. At times, you don't really know if it's happening for real or on tablet so that part keeps you interested. But it then went downhill when the actual "dirty deeds" start taking place. They weren't erotic and looked more like some old dude taking advantage of two sexy women while trying to recapture his youth. If you're looking for a sexy Ménage à Trois, this ain't it, as it's boring and looses it's total eroticism however if you'd like a little insight on creative writing, you might enjoy some of the dialog.

Pendragon Film, Existential Films
Director: Gary Walkow
Writer: Gary Walkow
Producer: Alain Silver, Gary Walkow
I viewed 2/10

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