Sunday, March 7, 2010

Up (2009) PG - 3½ Stars

The best thing about this new animated comedy is the bond between the grumpy old man and the determination of the young boy to befriend him. It also helps teach children to be respectful to their elders and all animal types, the importance of keeping your promises, loyalty, and friendship. It's very sad at the beginning but I hope maybe gives children the perspective of not forgetting the elderly. Your kids probably won't get this powerful message but there 's plenty of laughs and action for the entire family to keep everyone entertained. The 2D animation is so good in depth perception that a few times when they got close to the edge, it gave me the chills.

Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner), has always dreamed of being a great explorer of the world living life to it's fullest just like his idol Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer). His wife, the love of his life, had the same ambitions and vowed to somday have their home perched high atop Paradise Falls in South America. When she passes away, Carl, now 78, is faced with Construction Foreman Tom (John Ratzenberger), telling him he has to vacate his home as he is impeding s the progress of growth in his neighborhood.

Appearing as just another irritation to Carl, a young rambunctious 8 year old Junior Wilderness Explorer named Russell (Jordan Nagai), is determined to gain his senior citizen badge by helping Carl with anything he needs. Becoming all too annoying for Carl and with his determination to fulfill his lifelong wish, he invents a way to relocate his home to South America without ever leaving it. But when he finds Russell clutching to his front porch as an uninvited stowaway, he must find the strength to keep the young boy safe.

The house touches down in the land of an abnormalities where the two meet an odd looking bird, Kevin, and mans best friend Dug (Bob Peterson), a talking dog, obsessed with squirrels. Carl and Russell's friendship grows as they meet, and must outwit, a ferocious pack of dogs, led by Alpha (Bob Peterson), and Beta (Delroy Lindo), and Gamma (Jérôme Ranft).

Nominated for 5 Oscar's - Awards Include:

2009 - Detroit Film Critics Society - Best Picture
2009 - Hollywood Foreign Press Association - Best Original Score
2010 - Academy Award Winner - Best Animated Film
2010 - Academy Award Winner - Best Original Score

Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Directors: Pete Docter
Writers: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Producer: Jonas Rivera
I viewed 3/10


-SPW said...

Out of curiousity where did this movie lose marks for you???

I love reading your reviews :)

Zola's Movie Pic's said...

Why thank you. Hmmm.... Maybe it would have been funny if he met Carl the foreman on the top of Paradise falls. I didn't really care for meeting the bad guy trying to trap the bird or the dogs trying to take a young boy out with bullets. Perhaps the old woman could have been there too and theie new bird friend Kevin, flew little Russell home.