Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Killer Within (2004) R - 2 Stars

With horrible acting right from the start, it was not hard for me to leave the room a few times without pausing the action, if you can call it that. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen and the storyline finally does come into play, but getting there was a ride I almost got off before it started. But it actually does have a plot and has an ending I was not exactly expecting.

Dallas attorney Addison Terrill, (C. Thomas Howell), works long hard hours to have a luxurious home and a trophy wife he adores. However Becky, (Sean Young), is bored with motherhood, drinks too much, acts like a spoiled brat and really doesn't like their child too much. When Addison has to work late one night, he arrives home to find his wife has been brutally murdered. With his son in the hospital as the only eye witness, Addison becomes the prime suspect. With time running out against clearing his name, he must request the help of best friends Sam, (Ben Browder), and wife Sarah, (DeDee Pfeiffer).

Fireside Entertainment, FilmCor Pictures, LLC
Director: Brad Keller
Producers: Joey Stewart, Anthony Bologna
Writers: Chris Peirson, William Peirson
I viewed 12/10

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Cheri Passell said...

This isn't a true story; is it?