Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life Is Hot in Cracktown (2009) R - 2½ Stars

The ending of this movie reminded me a bit of the movie "Crash," but on crack. It's a brutal epic of surviving life in the hood. I have to say the acting was pretty intense for the little known cast, which gave the story a bit more believability. Troubled families who don't have the means to get out,  must survive in their darker side of reality. From a mother pimping her daughter, the little punk, macho, packing, hoodlums, trying to get even for the anger their young lives have experienced already, to daily struggles with drugs and personal sexuality. I almost gave it 3 stars.

Here is the story of four troubled families heading for collisions in their lives. Pre-op transsexual Marybeth, (Kerry Washington), works as a prostitute to save enough money for her final surgery. Her line in boyfriend Benny, (Desmond Harrington), pulls small time burglaries to help pay for their expensive crack habit. Manny, (Victor Rasuk), works security in a run down apartment complex where Willy, (Ridge Canipe), a ten year old boy, lives with his sister Susie, mother (Illeana Douglas) and her short tempered boyfriend.  With a mother strung out, Willy begs for money on the streets to insure he and his little sister are taken care of.  At night, Manny work at a 24 hour convenience store where all the freaks solicit. After almost getting shot one night, Manny now keeps a gun in the store for protection. His wife, Concetta, (Shannyn Sossamon), stays home and tends to their small infant boy who seems to always cry tugging on their last nerves.  Romeo, (Evan Ross), is a young thug terrorizing anyone in his path as he searches for his younger brothers' killer. Gabriella, (Hope Olaide Wilson), is still in the closet but about to make her debut to her mother. But in an instant, all their lives will be tragically changed as that's just how it is in Cracktown.

Lightning Media, Magic Film & Video Works, Streetwise Films
Director: Buddy Giovinazzo
Writer: Buddy Giovinazzo
Producers: Larry Rattner, William Fisch
I viewed 12/10

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