Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Steel Toes (2007) R - 3 Stars

While you may not find this movie in a Humanities class, I loved the endurance concept. The radical white Neo-Nazi supremacist being taught tolerance by his enemies, the Hindu and the Jew. Powerful storyline and performance by both Walker and Strathairn though the movie suffers in direction. While it voices powerful statements, it loses weight by not going deeper into the character development. For example I would have like to be involved more the Mike's background as well as the relationship between the Jewish lawyer and his Hispanic wife. For me, the dinner scene should have been cut out in order to compassionately let the viewer fall deeper into both men's plight.

Mike Downey, (Andrew Walker), is a soldier in the white supremacy Aryan movement. After a concert, he and his girlfriend are making out in the streets when an immigrant kitchen worker exits to throw out a bucket of dirty water. He mistakenly throws in the direction of Mike causing an eruption of emotions that puts the worker in the hospital where he eventually dies from his injuries. Mike is incarcerated and charged with his murder.

David Dunkleman, (David Strathairn), a liberal Jewish attorney, has been assigned the case. The two men historically are enemies and while Dunkleman must support the law and rights of a man he loathes, he reaches deep in his soul, recalling the teachings of his father, to save the life of one of societies worse nightmares.

Galafilm Productions, Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)
Directors: Mark Adam, David Gow
Writer: David Gow
Producers: Francine Allaire, David Gow

I viewed 12/10

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