Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tooth Fairy (2010) PG - 3½ Stars

Extremely cute little story about believing. I really do think Wayne Johnson is perfect in these types of movies. Big strong burly guy getting in touch with his softer side at the hands of a little girl. Great for the entire family, good clean honest fun. The children are believable and the movie gives you a warm fuzzy spot inside. I especially like the boldness of making a good family film using an interracial family.

Derek Thompson, (Dwayne Johnson), is a hockey player who once intimidated on the ice. Nicknamed the "Tooth Fairy" for knocking other players teeth out, he's seen better days since injuring his shoulder though he thinks he is still number one. He has the perks that go along with the job, nice home, car and an attractive girlfriend but his attitude has turned sour and his glass always half empty. Even his girlfriend Carly, (Ashley Judd), sees the bitterness in him as he almost ruins her daughter's hopes of the tooth fairy visit. For punishment, Derek receives a summons to report to the higher court of fairies run by Lily, (Julie Andrews.) He's assigned case worker Tracy, (Stephen Merchant), who must whip him back into shape to believe again. Luckily Jerry, (Billy Crystal), will equip Derek with all the latest gadgets this years tooth fairies need to perform their duties.

Blumhouse Productions, Mayhem Pictures, 20th Century FoxDirector: Michael Lembeck
Writers: Josh Sternin, Randi Mayem Singer, Lowell Ganz
Producers: Gordon Gray, Mark Ciardi, Jason Blum
I viewed 12/10

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