Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Another Love Story (2008) NR - 4 Stars

Now here is a case where I think the Danish language and subtitles enhanced my movie enjoyment. They seemed to really fit the story line and it's players. I really enjoyed this riveting mystery about love and deception made under $50,000. The actors and cinematography are wonderfully scripted and the story captivating. Just goes to show you a good thriller can be made for less money.

Jonas (Anders W. Berthelsen ), and his wife Mette (Charlotte Fich) have a good marriage and two lovely children Frederik (Daniel Stampe), and Kirsten (Ditte Hansen). One thing they don't have is a reliable car and are constantly joking about it with the kids. When the car stalls in the middle of the road, Julia Castlund (Rebecka Hemse) is driving behind, crying and distracted by her cell phone. She tries to avoid the collision but smashes into Jonas's rear end along into oncoming traffic. Thrown from her car, Jonas rushes to her side.

Feeling horribly guilty, Jonas arrives at the hospital to check on her grave condition and the family mistakes him for Sebastian (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), her exotic boyfriend. Julia's wealthy father (Bent Mejding), mother (Ewa Fröling), Mangus (Timm Vladimir) and Monica (Josephine Raahauge), all rush to his side and thank him for coming to her aid. Julia is in a coma and they feel if anyone can breathe life back into her, Sebastian can. Dr. Dichmann (Flemming Enevold), is amazed to see Julia come around. Though she's lost 90% of her sight and has amnysia, her vitals are good for her to make a full recovery.

Jonas is finding himself quit attracted to Julia and even though he wants to tell her the truth, he's fallen in love with her. Enough so that he is staying out late on his wife and children to stay with Julia in the hospital. Frank (Dejan Cukic), one of Jonas's best family friends, works with Jonas in the scientific evidence department where Jonas photographs crime scenes. Jonas confides in Frank and tells him of his attraction and how he's eager to learn more about this Sebastian. A colorful trunk, along with Julia's cell phone are discovered in her car at the impoud center. Frank will soon be introduce to Sebastian and Julia will start to remember everything.

Koch Lorber Films, LLC, Thura Film
Director: Ole Bornedal
Writer: Ole Bornedal
Producer: Michael Obel

I viewed 1/11

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