Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unstoppable (2010) PG13 - 3½ Stars

Denzel was pretty good in this one. I don't always like some of the roles he picks but I think he played a good 28 year veteran train driver. Inspired by the true story of CSX 8888 "Crazy Eights," it is possible something like this could happen. Especially when you have a cocky lazy worker more interested in his comfort than doing his job. I hope things are a lot more automated these days.

Though there are a things you just know wouldn't happen in real life, and silly things like the train guards coming down after the train is going by, just ignore all that and enjoy the movie. It's a good edge of your seat thrilling wild ride. I think it would have been nice if Connie had known of Denzel before the wild train ride so when they meet, new sparks of romance would instantly flow for them.

Will (Chris Pine), is young rookie conductor who has been assigned to meet up with Frank (Denzel Washington), for his first on hands training session. He's not having a good day as he's just learned a misunderstanding with his wife Darcy (Jessy Schram), has escalated into a new 30 day extension on the restraining order against her and his son. Now all he can do is bury himself into his work while his personal life is falling a part around him. When he meets Frank, the other drivers are against him for being so young. Some of these men are getting forced into early retirement notices while when they are still qualified to work longer. But today will be no normal day for both young and old.

Dewey (Ethan Suplee), is put in charge of moving train 777 with it's 39 cars, off the main track. Against company policy, he leaves the engine to get out and trip a switch to the other track. As, his brake slips loose, the train picks up speed and he is unable to get back into the cab. Now literally turned into a high speed missile, the train reaches speeds of 75 miles an hour with no way to stop it. Connie (Rosario Dawson), is in charge of operations for the trains routes and learns of the coasting train. With not many options she phones Ned (Lew Temple), and begs him to drive to the next stop and throw a switch to get it off the main track. Ned arrives but he's too late as the train has already sped by. Meanwhile Frank and Will are headed on a collision course with train 777. As company owner Galvin (Kevin Dunn), learns the train is carrying hazardous material, he decides to derail the train before it gets to the next major city, Scranton Pa. Will and Frank have to race to get their train off the main track before they run head into their worst nightmare.

Scott Free Productions, Prospect Park, 20th Century Fox Distribution
Director: Tony Scott
Writer: Mark Bomback
Producers: Tony Scott, Ian Bryce, Mimi Rogers
I viewed 2/11

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