Thursday, November 17, 2011

Randy and the Mob (2007) PG - 2 Stars

I've seen worse movies and I have to admit this movie did have me laugh a couple of times but seriously folks, I think you can pass this one up. The plot is predictable with a loan shark demanding his money and the character development is weak as people just sort of show up to complicate the story line. Maybe I missed some inside humor somewhere as other reviews I read depict a funnier scenario. The quaintness of a small Georgia town separates it from your other mob movies, but I was hoping for more laughs.

Randy Pearson (Ray McKinnon), is your typical middle class American guy living the American dream. He lives with his depressed wife Charlotte (Lisa Blount) who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome as she teaches baton class. Randy's into just about every business in town but most of them aren't making any money. He soon finds himself faced with Italian mobster Franco (Paul Ben-Victor), demanding he makes good on his loan. Randy must turn to his wife and estranged gay twin brother Cecil (Ray McKinnon), for help. Now that he's in over his head with the Franco, Tino Armani (Walton Goggins), finds a way to start producing profits.

Capricorn Pictures, Ginny Mule Pictures, Timbergrove Entertainment
Director: Ray McKinnon
Writer: Ray McKinnon
Producers: David Koplan, Walton Goggins, Lisa Blount
I viewed 8/11

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