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9/11: In Plane Sight - 2007 N/R - 3½ Stars

There have only been a couple handfuls of movies I've seen that have inspired me to immediately go to my computer and write down my review. Sometimes it's because the movie is so twisted if I don't write it now I'll never be able to fully remember. At times,some movies are so bad I'm angry to have wasted my good time viewing it, and to warn others to avoid it. Even occasionally they hit me deeply and I feel everyone should get the opportunity to view. In this case, this documentary affected me and I sit here thinking what can one person do to change it, and more importantly can anyone stop or change it. This makes me just plain angry and if anything I can do as one person is to encourage you to at least keep an open mind, watch this film, and be aware that all you see and read is not always as it seems.

It seems we, as Americans, go about our daily lives like a herd of cattle being led into eventual slaughter. We choose to not see what "CONTROL" our government has over us. From what we eat, what we buy and where we buy, to what we hear, read and believe to be true, as broadcast through our many forms of media, we've become controlled robots. And whether you want to believe it affects you personally, take off those rose tinted glasses and watch this film before you say that can not be true and it happens to us again.

I've always said War is good business! Some of our biggest monetary corporations have been formed around the business of war. Without it, we would not be the Super Power of the world and could get away with some of the shit we pull on other nations. But not only does war bring in the big money, it does something way more important; it creates fear! Fear can be the biggest form of control over a human being. As a rule, if we humans are led to believe certain truths, we are then bred to react in a certain fashion. It's human nature that we form our opinions based on what we've done, we've seen and what we are told by others. This can in sense me to an extreme when I listen to people speak who are so close minded they have allowed this conditioning to control their thought process and would never allow their minds to think in a different direction. Thus, probably why we are - where we are today.

I am one of the people "Oh ye, of little faith," was named for. I question almost everything that I am told and actively seek out other forms of documentations to form my own opinion of what is the "truth". It's so easy to get caught up in the fear of what it might be, to the effort it takes of figuring out what it really is. Example, if I hear a strange noise in or outside my house fear instantly is instilled due to my involvement of media influence, but instead, I pragmatically and logically figure our the root of the noise. We'll our new 21st century fear is Terrorism!

The thought of being terrorized, stalked and prayed upon has always been a fear in the back of the minds of most of us. That uneasy feeling that makes you clutch your purse tightly, install extra locks for your doors, judge people by the color of their skin and believe what people in power tell you to do, all because of fear. It's a great way to control. Conspiracy theories have always abounded and 9/11 is nothing new there. But, I am one to believe that everyone has a price and can be bought, people disappear for knowing too much and/or questioning authority and I don't believe everything I see and hear. Yes there are times that bad things happen to good people for no reason at all. And even though you can not make logic of it, you must accept it. But I will never accept that what happened on our own soil on September 11, 2001, was carried out by a third world - under educated country with box knifes.

Watch this documentary, one of the best I have seen on the subject. Someone has actually taken the time to construct evidence that proves these mighty structures could not have come down on their own. Look into why there are such limited remains of plane parts and bodies, and how what they say happened just isn't logically possible. If you think big government doesn't have the control to pull one over on your eyes, watch some of the other documentaries I have posted showing how big business, government and greed are taking over how our food is created, produced and chemically altered in the name of progress. Remember, the health industry is one of the most productive industries of today and major players in our Congress, Senate and all forms of government were once CEO's and major players of these huge corporations are making the decisions of our health. Form your own opinon on how 3 buildings can implode, large planes fit in tiny holes and also disinigrate in open fields.

After watching, please stop blaming Obama for all of today's nations problems. Educate your selves to see where the largest money is to be made with the biggest influence of control. Remember Romney is already one of the biggest financial big-wigs going. Another good ole boy like the Bush's. His monetary power can only help secure a larger fence between us common folk and the fear backed by big business with control.

Wow I do sound like a radical.
After thought, I just asked my boyfriend if he thought there was any possibility of our government behind 9/11 and his answer was absolutely NOT. "Someone would have talked by now as it would have been too big of an operation." I completely disagree as too many people work in our government on a "need-to-know" basis. Thus, I guess that names me the radical type buying into conspiracy theories. I'm that cattle over watching the neighbors field, trying to contemplate my escape, while he is one of the cattle calmly grazing in the field. Watch the film and decide for yourself.

Director: William Lewis
Writer: Dave Vonkleist
Producer: Dave Vonkleist
I viewed 5/12

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Anonymous said...

Great review, you shouldn't talk so negatively about the fact that you question everything. Im our opinion i is much worse to be naive, then to suspect something more is going on then you are being told about.
This review is very heartfelt and you really have put a lot of your feelings into it, and that is a good thing, keep up the good work

Pearl and Liam