Friday, August 3, 2012

Dead In the Water (2001) R - 2½ Stars

Due to the lack of action and direction with this movie you might find yourself feeling almost "dead in the water" not understanding where the movie is going. I remember mumbling to myself "alright already, let's get on with it," but after hanging in there, the ending did bring that warm cozy feeling of justice. The right idea for a movie just could have been executed better.

Gloria (Dominique Swain), is a spoiled rich girl, living in Rio de Janeiro and seems to have it all going on. A smoking hot body, money and a life style of luxury. When her on again-off again boyfriend Danny (Scott Bairstow), and his best friend Jeff (Henry Thomas), want to go out on her fathers motorboat, her father requests Gloria also take a business associates son, Marcos (Sebastian DeVicente), out with them. Her father confides to Gloria that he is in major financial trouble and this boys father is the only reason he's still afloat. Gloria agrees and they pick this Brazilian looking stud up to take him for the ride. Marcos can't help but notice how attractive Gloria is but keeps his distance, knowing she is spoken for.

The four spend a fun day in the water, swimming, rafting and soaking up the rays. Danny and Jeff take a long swim off towards a close island while Marcos stays behind on the boat. As Gloria ponders over her 4 year relationship with Danny, Jeff has made it known he also desires to be with her. Before she knows it, Marcos too is putting on his moves. As Gloria is enjoying this 3rd eligible man, the boys return and Jeff catches the two involved in a passionate kiss and embrace. Danny runs to her side and throws Marcos overboard then taking off with out him. But when he returns to pluck Marcos out of the water, Marcos is gone. Thinking he has drowned, the three now must come up with a story that will keep them free of trouble from this influential family. Instead, the begin to unravel and as their true personalities appear.

Awards: 2002 - Feature Film Award - New York International Independent Film & Video Festival.

Nuts and Lloyd Films, E.H. Filmes
Director: Gustavo Lipsztein
Writer: Gustavo Lipsztein
Producer: Gustavo Lipsztein, Georg Lipsztein, Evan Astrowsky
I viewed 7/12

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