Friday, March 1, 2013

Iraq in Fragments (2005) Part 1 NR - 3 Stars

This is a 2 part documentary of what you are not going to see on CNN or the local news. It's actual footage of how the Sunnie, Shia and Kurds feel about America and our invasion into their country. I watch every documentary I can about the war because it is the only way to see all sides of the story. It's subtitled and broken down into three chapters.

The first chapter is entitled Mohammed in Baghdad. Mohammed Haithem Majid is an 11 year old boy who is needs to look after himself after he's disconnected with his father during the start of the war. He works in an auto shop for a man he'd like to call his dad but he makes fun of him as he can't read or write and has flunked the same grade 4 times. This man tries to instill the importance of an education but with the talk of Americans invading his country, he's uncertain which direction he should take.

Chapter two is entitled Sadr's South. About the fundamentalist Shiite cabal of Moqtada Sadr and his strict government based on guns and Muslim Law. They are against alcohol of any type and raid swap meets where they know sellers are peddling their goods. Mehdi Army fighter, Naseriyah is featured. Scary to see fanaticism of these young men as one can trigger them all into fury. None of these Iraqi men are happy with the American invasion, some even saying things were better with Saddam.

Chapter three is entitled Kurdish Spring shows the Kurds as farmers making bricks holding onto the faith that someday will be better. They welcome the US presence as it has allowed them a measure of freedom previously denied.

Awards include:
2006 - Iraq in Fragments - Sundance Film Festival - Excellence in Cinematography - Documentary Competition.
2006 - Iraq in Fragments - Sundance Film Festival - Documentary Film Editing Award
2006 - Iraq in Fragments - Sundance Film Festival - Documentary Directing Award

To read more about the filming of this documentary, click here.

Typecast Releasing
Director: James Longley
Producers: James Longley, John Sinno
I viewed 5/08

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