Saturday, March 2, 2013

Iraq in Fragments (2005) Part 2 NR - 2½ Stars

This is a 2 part documentary of what you are not going to see on CNN or the local news. Part 2 is a more personal look at how the war has effected the Iraqi people. I watch every documentary I can about the war because it is the only way to see all sides of the story. It's subtitled and broken down into chapters. Part 2 drug on a little for me but was still educational and comes with Part 1 automatically.

Chapter one - Sari's Mother:

Sari Zehum is a 10 year old boy who has contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion. This chapter shows the mother point of view in trying to get care for her boy who's had the disease for 4 years now. She becomes lost in the health care system that really has no idea how to treat the infliction. The children play war games with their clay toys putting bombs under the wheels of cars.

Chapter two - Jim McDermott visit to Baghdad:

Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott and the James Longley travel to Baghdad to see what condition the country is in after the Gulf War. Their speeches are of trying to disarm Iraq. The film shows the sewage treatment plants not operational and causing diseases to the Iraqi children. Also birth defects are up do to the large degree of radiation poison from uranium plus debris and tanks left all over the country side.

The last section is made up of the Independent Film & Television Center (IFTC) and the artist community before and after the war strikes. 4 short films by students are included in this section as well as Director commentary.

2006 - Iraq in Fragments - Sundance Film Festival - Excellence in Cinematography - Documentary Competition.

To read more about the filming of this documentary, click here.

Typecast Releasing
Driector: James Longley
Producers: James Longley, John Sinno
I viewed 5/08

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