Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dan in Real Life (2007) PG13 - 3½ Stars

What fun a large family reunion like this one would be. This movie, set in the great back woods of Rhode Island, is a wittey comedy that gives you that farm fuzzy feeling of finding love.

Dan Burns, (Steve Carell), is a single father and writes an advice column for the local newspaper. His column is directed toward parents and being one himself, he can relate to how hard it is to make intelligent choices. It's been four years since his wife died and he is struggling with the needs of his fast growing and outspoken daughters. Jane, (Alison Pill), Cara (Brittany Robertson), and Lilly (Marlene Lawson).  On a family reunion to Rhode Island, he meets the woman of his dreams Marie, (Juliette Binoche), only to find out his brother Mitch (Dane Cook), has brought her to the reunion as his guest - girlfriend, Situations clash and Dan finds out from his daughters what true love really is.

Buena Vista Pictures
Director: Peter Hedges
Writers: Peter Hedges, Pierce Gardner
Producers: Brad Epstein, Jonathan Shestack
I viewed 3/08

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