Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bordertown (2007) R - 4 Stars

Based on a true story! I Really love Jennifer Lopez as an actress!

She co-produces and stars as Lauren Adrian a reporter from a Chicago newspaper. Though this assignment in Mexico is not her favorite to attend, she is forced by George Morgan (Martin Sheen), her boss, to take it. She meets up her former lover and reporter of a newspaper, Alfonso Diaz (Antonio Banderas) in the small community of Juarez Mexico that has been recently troubled by a series of unsolved homicides. All of the young girls are forced to work in the maquilla plants in order to make small earnings for their families. These plants manufacture electrical components for televisions and monitors that are exported to the United States. Many of these young women are found raped and strangled to death and buried in the mountains but both governments try to cover it up and ignore the problem to keep the trade open. Eva Jiminez (Maya Zapata), is one of these women who manages to escape her grave she is left to die in. Since the corrupt police chose to look the other way, she instead seeks a voice with the local newspaper. Lauren (Jennifer Lopez), gets involved way over her head when she poses as a factory worker. Her passion almost costs her her life as she struggles with who she really is and where she comes from.

I must say this was something I was unaware of and once again makes you wonder how many other wrong doings are going on we never hear about.

Director: Gregory Nava
Writer: Gregory Nava
Producers: Jennifer Lopez, Barbara Martinez-Jitner, Gregory Nava
I viewed 3/08

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