Thursday, April 15, 2010

Codebreakers (2005) NR - 3½ Stars

For April 15th, "tax day," I thought I'd choose a movie all about cheating. Based on a true story of the 1951 cheating scandal that tarnished the academy. I thought this was a pretty good film. With a good cast, the story line was fascinating to see who would end up turning on each other. In this military type school and you never knew who you could really trust, and what's more important; a bond or the truth.

Earl "Red" Blaik (Scott Glenn) is the football coach at the West Point academy where his son Bob, (Corey Sevier) attends. Coach wants to make sure his job is secure by tightening up on the cadets about their grades. Some of the boys decide that cheating is the only way to keep up their grades and still have time for their practices. But eventually too many find out how they are maintaining their grades, including the higher ups, and the cadets are questioned one at a time. Eventually 83 cadet in all are implicated. When Brian Nolan, (Zachery Ty Bryan) thinks he is doing the proper thing by telling the truth, he learns first hand where his code of ethics gets him. It's not always right to do the right thing.

Orly Adelson Productions, ESPN
Director: Rod Holcomb
Writer: G. Ross Parker
Producer: Frank Siracusa
I viewed 8/06

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